It is time you take your children around showed them what existed million years ago

Distinct species the world has only heard about and the most one got to see them has been in the movies. Yes, we are talking about dinosaurs. While Jurassic Park and often the paleontologist Ross talking about his favourite subject dinosaurs has given enough references. There is a lot of evidence in the real world about them that proves their existence. For all the dinosaur fans, there are traces and marks of this distinct species all over the world that you probably didn’t know about. So here is a list of places that has traces of dinosaurs you can visit.

Dinosaur Ridge in Colorado
This place offers walking trails and exhibits with both innies and outies of the existence of dinosaurs. The Ridge is considered to be one of the best examples in the world to spot real dinosaur footprints. On its two-mile-long trail, one will come across around 250 ‘innie’ fossilized dinosaur footprints from three different types of dinosaurs. Also, is the Triceratops trail that comprises fossilized footprints, four-toed Triceratops tracks as well as a fossilized Tyrannosaur track.

Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas
This valley comprises around 1,500 well-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world and the longest existing dinosaur trackway in North America. One can find these tracks on the riverbed, under the Paluxy River.

Isle of Skye in Scotland
This is also known as Scotland’s ‘Dinosaur Island’. On Staffin Beach during low tide, you can see impressions of small dinosaurs from about 165 million years ago. If you aren't that lucky to see the prints, go visit the Staffin Museum as it has casts of the prints, along with dinosaur bones and other fossils. On the south of the Straithard peninsula where you can spot two tracks showing traces of a small theropod.

Cal Orck’oin Bolivia
What is believed of this place is that some million years ago a baby Tyrannosaurus rex sprinted through the muck near a lake leaving behind footprints. This fossil bed now is located in a quarry in the El Molino Formation. The tracks can be seen across a 300-foot-high limestone wall. The bed comprises oolitic fossiliferous limestone and nine levels of dinosaur tracks.

La Rioja in Spain
From the Early Cretaceous period, there are dinosaur tracks that mark a path, which can be easily spotted. Since the track was in a muddy area, they were later dried and covered with new sediment layers, causing them to solidify into rocks over millions of years.

Other places with dinosaur footprints are Gantheaume Point in Australia, Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire in France, and Grand Cache Dinosaur Track site in Canada.