Thinking of overlanding on your next adventure?

Overlanding is an expedition that brings in a wonderful infusion of camping, hiking, four-wheeling and hunting appealing to the crazy wanderlust souls out there. These tours give you an all-engulfing experience to soak in the beauty of each region you visit. You come to know fellow travellers on this soul-searching journey and rediscover a new world that mainstream tourism can hardly offer.

Our reasons why overland trips should be tried once in life?

A New Way to Explore the Off-the-Beaten Track

Deep navigation is feasible with overland trips, and if you are especially drawn to explore the remotest and most inaccessible fringes, overlanding would never disappoint you. Undeniably, you relish the local flavour of each place you visit be it a palace or ruin. 

For vloggers and travel writers, these trips provide exquisite opportunities to look into the lives of the locals and develop deep insights into how they live their lives. No wonder overlanding is a treasure trove of knowledge and the lived experience you gain is priceless!

Relatively Affordable as an Interactive Travel Experience

The cost-effectiveness renders overlanding a relevant choice for travellers of all age groups. You would be swamped with a plethora of activities and accommodation options without compromising safety and comfort. Van-life, an alternative reality to luxury travelling, is one of the many ways to embark on the pursuit of knowing new places. Besides vans, overlanding can be done riding a bike and hitchhiking as well. 

You Navigate Independently

Part of the joy comes from this freedom to explore to heart’s content. The sheer charm of immersing your senses in new places instead of limiting wayfinding only to a few mainstream and touristy experiences is priceless. Be it on vehicle, on foot or by staying, an overland trip opens vistas of hitherto unexplored territories. It is one of the ways you get acquainted with the land and its elements instead of simply fleeting through as a tourist.

The Trips are all About the Pleasures of Slow Travelling 

Slow travel has become the new buzzword for travellers and is here to stay. Really, the trips are all about the privilege of appreciating the untainted and authentic experiences that travelling contains. 

Besides, it is also a way to maximise environmentally-friendly practices, contribute to local communities, connect with nature and bag a lifetime’s memories. 

Overlanding is done best when you choose quality over quantity and do not flinch from delving deep into nature, culture, history and heritage of the lands.